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Ostuni, town of light in sunny Puglia

Come to Ostuni, the lovely town bathed in bright Apulian sun! Just a few minutes away you can frolic with your family in the clear blue sea and enjoy the warmth of golden sand as it runs through your toes.

Visit the olive orchards and taste the real pleasure of naturally pressed olive oil, some of the best in the world. Let the famous wine of Puglia caress your tastebuds and you quaff it down with rough farmbread and spicy salami!

Wander through the streets of the old town, with its white houses and dark shadows. See the ruins of the old castle and clamber atop the watchtowers along the coast. From there you can spy the fishermen in their boats gather in their catch – maybe for your dinner.

Warm…. hospitable….. welcoming….. the people of Ostuni are happy to bring you into their homes and show you a great way of living.

A little bit of history

Ostuni’s origins likely go back to the Stone Age. People from the Balkans settled there, it was destroyed by Hannibal and rebuilt by Greeks. From then on  nothing much is known of the town or its people until the Normans came over a thousand years later. They built their usual protective castle, which is now in ruins, and the city walls. Through the wayward fortune of dynastic relationships the wife of the king of Poland came to own Ostuni. It was she who,  in anticipation of Turkish invasion during the mid 1500s, built those watchtowers along the coastline. From then on Ostuni became part of the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies, and its future was that of Naples.

Article © Carl Ottersen | Photograph © Dronkitmaster (Wikimedia Commons)