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  • 3 Days in the Italian Riviera

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    May - October 2016
  • Three day photo tours in lovely places like Portofino and Cinque Terre. Full package with high quality hotel stays included.

  • 7 Days in the Heart of Greece

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    August - September 2016
  • Seven day photo tours in Athens and the surrounding region. Full package with high quality hotel stays included.

  • 5 Days in Bali

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    August - September 2016
  • Five day photo tours in the magical island of Bali. Full package with high quality hotel stays included.

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Bali’s Magical Heart

You know when you have left southern for central Bali, for the scenery around you suddenly looks more measured. The traffic...

22nd Mar 16


The Quiet Corner of Bali

It’s quite a surprising thing, that all of Bali’s ancient and a good part of its recent history lies...

15th Mar 16


Morning of the World

The sands are golden, the sea is shallow. At low tide there are rippled dunes to run on and small...

10th Mar 16


Village of the Moon Stone

The village of Batu Bulan, the Moon Stone, gets its name from a legend that a King of Badung...

16th Feb 16

I support the ISCO Foundation

ISCO, the Indonesian Street Children Organization, was founded in 1999 to help bring education to the children of the poor and disadvantaged in Jakarta, Indonesia. It does this in partnership with local authorities, sponsoring the cost of getting to school and providing activity centers for children once out of school for the day, where their learning can be reinforced and additional care provided if necessary. Today ISCO operates 18 centers in Jakarta, Surabaya and Medan. The Foundation supports almost 2,300 children, from kindergarten right through to university.

I had the great good fortune to become involved in ISCO, as the co-founder and my friend Josef Fuchs invited me to put together some material that could get the message out. The result was an e-book, prints and posters. These are all for sale, the proceeds going to ISCO.

An e-book that tells the story of the children, told through their words and their faces. It is a happy story: you will enjoy reading it and seeing them. 78 pages, with over 100 full screen color photographs.

Buy an eBook and support one child for one month. Really.
Price $19.90 | £11.95 | €13.95