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All about me

I am the author of six books: three on travel, one a photo-essay, the fifth a portrait of children in Jakarta and the sixth on business. For one year I curated an on-line magazine promoting tourism in Italy. My photographs and articles have been published in several travel magazines. Many of my photos are also used in travel websites. You can see more of all that in Publications.

Recently I exhibited in Jakarta in partnership with JW Marriott to promote ISCO’s work with children. You can see more in Exhibitions.

Currently I am writing and curating a series of digital books (eBooks) called “Great Guides”, with  detailed information on places to see and things to do in interesting regions of the world. The ebooks of both series are full of photos, videos and interactive maps. You can read more about that in Projects.

I am also the editor and main eBookmaker of No Trees Publishing Ltd, a publisher of digital books (eBooks). We publish everything from training books to children’s books. If you are a budding author, or want to publish your work as an eBook, let me know.

For those who want to know, I am Norwegian-Irish in origin and a real voyaging Viking with discovery in my blood. I was raised and have lived in so many places around the world that in reality I am a true world citizen and feel at home in almost every country in which I happen to land. I am thoroughly in love with life, exploring new places, meeting people and making new friends. I currently split my life between my home by the Mediterranean Sea in Italy, Indonesia, and England.

Contact me! I'd love to hear from you.

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