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    Great locations around the world

    from the Mediterranean to the South China Sea

The best way to improve your skills in photography is to practice, of course. The best way to practice is to get out and about, where you can shoot landscape, street scenes, people, action and many other subjects. All of these tours are set in places renowned for their distinctive beauty, special sights, unique cultures, varied lifestyles and wonderful people. No one place is better than the other; they are all paradise for a photographer.

Some tours are quick, action-packed day tours: many of the city tours are like that. Other tours are real adventures, several days of exploring places you may never have been before: Borneo and Sumatra are like that. And of course there are those tours which are graceful elegance, with picturesque views from your hotel balcony: the Riviera and the Aegean are like that. What these tours are not, you will be happy to know, are conventional rush-around tours wrapped up as a 'photo tour': I hate that type of tour, as I'm sure you do too. You will be at the right place, at the right time, with time to shoot good photographs.

The tour sessions are designed to help you improve your skills; that means in-the-field coaching and lots of interactive workshop exercises that focus on tips and hints rather than didactic or dogmatic teaching. You are always welcome to bring along a friend or companion. For those who want to do something else other that shoot photos all the time, don't worry, my team has planned lots of extra activities.

Because people like to do their own thing, except when on more adventurous tours, I offer tours both with and without an accommodation package. While I do look for the best places at specially arranged prices, I do appreciate that we all have budgets.

Oh, one last thing - the tours are about you taking photos, not me. And this is not a way for me to have a I do my own in my own time - tour time is yours.

Italy and the Côte d'Azur

Four lovely and relatively unexplored regions of Italy for you to discover and enjoy: sea-tossed Liguria with its Riviera, leafy Piemonte, the plains and hills of the Veneto and the whitewashed villages of Puglia. Plus a great extra - the Italian Riviera with the French Côte d'Azur combined. From action packed one day tours to more leisurely three day tours and even five day luxurious tours with a full package of 4-5 star accommodation and sumptuous cuisine. This is Italy after all.

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Greece and the Aegean

Four great choices of photo tour to capture the best of Greece and the Aegean. If you are in Athens for only a few days, then you can choose either a one day action packed session focused on getting those iconic shots at the right time, or a more paced but very interesting three day tour that will take you to places in and around Athens that are famous in history but often overlooked nowadays. More time to explore? You can enjoy a fabulous four point tour, taking you into the Aegean, and even a five point tour, with fabled Istanbul in Turkey added in for extra delight. The Aegean tours are full packages with accommodation, so you don't have to worry about anything but getting those great shots.

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The Islands of Indonesia

Who hasn't heard of Bali, Borneo, Java and Sumatra? If you are in Jakarta for a few days, then join a city tour and capture the great variety that is the hallmark of Indonesia's vibrant capital. Go further, and for either three, five or eight day tours come with me to the islands of Indonesia, for some of the most unforgettable sights and experiences the world has to offer - and with the photos to match. The islands tours are fully packaged with accommodation, so you can focus on being amazed.

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Things to remember on tour

These photo tours are as much about stopping to photograph the natural scenery and local life as it is to see the places mentioned. You will learn and practice several photographic techniques: composition, street photography, unusual angles, portraits, film/shutter/aperture combinations, depth of field, using light and many others. Photo skills will be reviewed "as-you-go".

Multi-day tours also cater for your travelling companion, making sure there is always something interesting for them to see and do which has nothing to do with a tripod, a light box or or a shutter cable.

Pick up time is normally from 7:00am to 7:30am, but it can be much earlier if/when we want to see the dawn from a spectacular location. Lunch is from 12:30 to 14:30 (time to relax, review photos and let the sun pass overhead). Light refreshments are always available through the day, so you won't get dehydrated. We normally wrap up for the day around 7pm, unless of course there is a special moment in the twilight that begs to be captured. Remember that final itineraries can always vary on the day, thanks to weather conditions, traffic, time of day, interesting events or any mix of the four.


Taking a photograph is only part of the story. Sometimes small things you didn’t see when shooting disturb the effect. You need to balance exposure, and the eye sees a greater range of light than a digital camera seems to. Perfect shots aren’t easy. That’s what photo editing and retouching software like Photoshop are designed for. Every day we will show you how to get the best out of the photographs you take by teaching you tips and tricks of Photoshop, popping colors and showing how to make stunning black and white images.



We provide transport, light refreshments and beverages on all tours. For short tours we can arrange for accommodation on request. For longer tours we have a full package including hotel stays and dining, as well as a shuttle service. Any museum passes and other related tickets are included too.

What to bring with you

You will need to bring your camera (any type will do so long as it is digital) with you, as well as a tripod or some form of support and, ideally, a trigger release cable. Something with which to take some notes is always good. There is a fair amount of walking, some in some rough patches, so bring 'sensible' shoes and easy-to-wear clothes with lots of pockets and a camera bag. The sun can be strong; light headgear might be good for some.


If you do not have a portable computer, or do not want to bring one with you, we can arrange for you to use one locally. If you do not have imaging software on your computer, then we can provide you with one that has basic functionality. For photography we have reflectors and light boxes. If you don’t bring a tripod we have some spares. If you are using a Canon DSLR then we have some extra lenses you can use.