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Photo Tours in the Islands of Indonesia

Photo Tours in the Islands of Indonesia

Visit, enjoy and capture the moment!

Who hasn't heard of Bali, Borneo, Java and Sumatra? If you are in Jakarta for a few days, then join a city tour and capture the great variety that is the hallmark of Indonesia's vibrant capital. Go further, and for either three, five or eight day tours come with me to the islands of Indonesia, for some of the most unforgettable sights and experiences the world has to offer - and with the photos to match. The islands tours are fully packaged with accommodation, so you can focus on being amazed.

5 Days in Bali

Bali, the perfumed isle, land of a thousand temples. Soft sounds of music, cascading fields of rice and sharp peaked volcanoes. Tropical paradise is painted in Bali’s colors. There is so much variety in such a small island, not only nature but art and culture too. These five days take you away from the bustle of Kuta to bring you the true essence of this unforgettable island.

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5 Days in Lombok

Sister island to Bali, Lombok has its own special magic as it blernds the culture of Bali with more ancient customs and rites, which have mixed themselves into both Hinduism and Islam. The island is a marvel of nature, not least the great volcano Rinjani. This is a full island tour, from north to south and across its middle, One of my favorite islands.

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7 Days in Western Sumatra

Like the rest of this magnificent island, Western Sumatra is amazingly varied, with from forested mountains, volcanoes, deep lakes, steep canyons, rolling hills, rivers, waterfalls and wildlife of every kind imaginable. Add to that the culture of the Minangkabau and you have an incredible tour.

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7 Days in Sumatra's Islands

Off the coast of Sumatra are a string of fabulous islands: the larger string of the Mentawai islands, and some smaller jewels closer in to Sumatra. Other than their outstanding beauty, these islands and nearby Padang are great places to explore the culture, art, crafts and lives of two distinctive and ancient traditions: the Mentawai and the Minangkabau.

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