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Blogs mostly of places I have travelled to, seen, and have been touched by.


Bali’s Magical Heart

You know when you have left southern for central Bali, for the scenery around you suddenly looks more measured. The traffic is …


Morning of the World

The sands are golden, the sea is shallow. At low tide there are rippled dunes to run on and small lagoons …


Village of the Moon Stone

The village of Batu Bulan, the Moon Stone, gets its name from a legend that a King of Badung granted …


Capital of East Java

For me, Surabaya, the capital of East Java, is a little like Los Angeles, a big bright sprawl with no particular …


Land of Volcanoes

My friend Phil is to blame. One day he showed me the most wonderful view of the sun rising over a wild …


Working the Inferno

You have to go to Kawah Ijen in East Java. It is easy enough to reach, even if the last section of …


Living a story of Joseph Conrad!

Here on the Celebes Sea, it is ten at night. The sun has long gone; the sky is bright …

A day in Arequipa

I had already fixed my departure from Arequipa for tomorrow morning, so today was all set for walking around the city some more. First up,

The Valle del Colca

With all alarms set for 02:15 (time for quick shower), there was of course no way that I could sleep. So I worked on the

A walk around Arequipa

The bus terminal in Arequipa was a more general affair than the one in Lima. Here buses from various operators were parked, a melange of

The road to Arequipa

The coach left the terminal on time at 6pm, heading out south into the press of cars on the main roads of Lima. The taxis

A walk around Lima

I had set my plans: Arequipa by bus in the evening. So today was to see a bit more of Lima before heading off to