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Post Blogs

Blogs mostly of places I have travelled to, seen, and have been touched by.


Train ride to Bandung

Saturday morning Ilham came by. We had no specific plan so in the end we decided to grab a train and head out to Bandung.

Back to Singapore

I was too anxious to miss the alarm I basically didmt sleep much last night.

Up early to catch the early coach to Singapore.

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Melaka Day

Some part of the night it rained slightly, because when I woke up I could feel a chil wetness in the...

Melaka Night

I booked into the Hotel Puri, which sounded good on its website as it prides itself of being a family run...

Bus to Melaka

The mist rose later this morning giving an ethereal feeling to Kuala Lumpu as its spires glittered dimly in the soft light....

Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur is new in every sense. The city only really got started in the 1880s and has only boomed...

Up to KL

The train to Kuala Lumpur leaves – 7:40 am. Singapore’s main train station is a modest building. It looks untouched since the 1950s and far

A stroll in Stanley Park

Every day so far it rains and the cloudy lie heavily on the city. I’m waiting for some movement in...


I arrived in Vancouver at close to midnight. The air was soft, refreshingly cool, and almost about to rain when I exited the airport terminal

A view over Arizona

Well I always wanted to travel to Vancouver – today work obliges me.

Another long flight, across the US from Houston to...


Down the Hudson

Tuesday morning I had a meeting in Albany. To get there from Boston, the easiest way is to take the Greyhound/PeterPan coach. That meant getting

Weekend in Boston

Saturday morning I took the train from New York up to Boston. I enjoy traveling by train in the States – even coach class compares