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Blogs mostly of places I have travelled to, seen, and have been touched by.


A Day in Bombay

The last time I was in Bombay/Mumbai I was nine years old. We were on a ship from Australia to Italy and it was January …

The fotoshoot

The principal reason for my going to Hyderabad was to do a fotoshoot for Ganesh so that we can create a really good look for …

Indian Food!

Well I’ve always liked Indian cooking. Siddiq Rafiq was a family friend of my parents. He migrated twice in his life, the first time as …

The road to Machulipatnam

Late in 2007 I met up with an English guy living in Italy. Paul Finch had proposed to Livio Rodighiero, the owner of an Italian …

Getting Around Hyderabad

The roads in Hyderabad betray the fast growth of the city – the few main roads that were ever asphalted are...

Impressions of Hyderabad

I flew in to Hyderabad in the evening of April 8th. My friend Ganesh picked me up at the impressively...

Saddam’s Lagoon

This base is infinitely bigger than I first thought. I still haven’t figured out its total extent. Yesterday I rode aboard one of the trucks …

A little story about bread

In the canteen you can choose from three types of bread: local, square loaf and soft milk-bread buns. I’ve found the nicest to be the …

The Green Zone

I have to register with the Embassy and since someone was going into the International Zone (still called the Green Zone by everyone) I hitched …

The Base

I know you are all reading my blog daily 🙂 so I’m sure you are all disappointed in the three day break. What I’ve been …

A Tourist in Amman

A very brief history Amman is ancient. The first settlement goes back to 6500 BCE, without doubt because the folds of the seven hills on …

Be careful what you wish for!

I'm sitting in the Panorama Restaurant overlooking the runway at Bratislava Airport. It's cold and rainblown outside; an ever denser greying mist rises from the