I am not a wedding photographer (too late for that, and I was doing other things), but I do occasionally shoot weddings for  friends.  I treat them as a mix of a fashion shoot, street photography and portraiture, adding a thematic style during processing. Thanks to everyone for letting me post wedding photos here. 

Hindu wedding in Hyderabad

The wedding was that of a cousin of a friend of a friend of mine. I was visiting at the time, so was most fortunately invited as a guest. This part of the wedding was set to start at the propitious hour of 3am – a thousand guests were expected. As you can see, I didn’t stay in my allotted place for long, scrumming in with the official photographers and video guys to capture some unforgettable images.

The best way to view photographs is to click on one, let it pop up, then click on the full screen [ ] icon at the top right of the lightbox. From there you can easily scroll backwards and forwards.

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